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aMSN Donations:

Sometimes users want to thank the developers for all the time and effort put into the development of a successful project. For this reason, we have set up a particular location in which you can donate to specific developers.

aMSN as a whole, does not accept donations, but if you want to thank a specific member of the aMSN development team, we provide you these links, so that you may do so:

Donate To : Alvaro J. Iradier Muro (airadier)

Donate To : Pavel Vávra (Plamen) (cz-plamen)

Donate To : Jerome Gagnon-Voyer (germinator2000)

Donate To : Alaoui Youness (kakaroto)

Donate To : A S (lio_lion)

Donate To : Karol Krizka (roadkillbunny)

Donate To : Thomas Geirhovd (tg90nor)

Donate To : Sander Hoentjen (tjikkun)

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